Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perthy exposes himself as a big liar and coward.

William Perthy UnChristian LeSuper-Nut just made the following claim:

Oh by the way, I completely forgot that The "Dutchman" has already been taken care of. Which is why there are no recent posts from him. Silly me...

This is a wretched, pathetic lie. Perthy is a big coward and everyone knows it. He sent his cousin to come after me, but the fellow was gay and only made a pass at me. The whole family seems to be pathetic. It's almost mortifying to think that he and I are distantly related descendants of Charlemagne.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flaming Nut-Case!

So, on Facebook this guy sends me a "Friend Request:"

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: Hello.. Saw your post on the Charlemagne page. From Chicago, like rockabilly? You seem a bit strange, however that may be from living in Evanston. I worked at Evanston Hospital back in the 80's.

Okay, the guy has nothing in common with me, except that we're both descendants of Charlemagne and he once lived in Evanston, but I figure I'll get around to checking out his profile at some point and seeing if here is any reason to friend him. But before I can do anything about it, the very next day, he gets all impaitent and sends me this note:

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: Are you going to confirm me or not? Let me know..

So I actually go and check the guy out. His profile reads like your typical right-wing ultra-repressed closet case. Late fifties, Republican, "political christian," and lots of anti-government groups and pages. No mention of a wife or kids. Obviously he missed everything on my profile about my being a Bolshevik, Catholic, just that I like Rockabilly and live in Chi-town. Of course — he probably also saw that I was bi-sexual. So, I figure I'll float a joke past him and see how he responds:

Dutchman: I don't know you, you said I "seem a bit strange," and now you're PRESSURING me to be your friend? If you need friends that bad, try Manhunt.com

As if to prove that he's a flaming closet-case, I get a reply almost immediately:

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: I guess tha's your style, not mine. Now I see why I thought that you were weird. I am from Chicago and Evanston. That's why I "pressured" you. Sissy faggot...

Dutchman: Let me get this straight: I'm the married fellow with three kids and you're the bachelor cruising men you don't know on the flimsiest of pretexts, but somehow I'm the faggot? Just so I understand, maybe you'd like to get together and call me that to my face?

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: Wrong. I am married, with grown child. You are the one with access to gay porn. Name the place, fag!!!

Dutchman: I can be found at the Eleven O'Clock Mass at Saint John Cantius every Sunday.

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: I'm not going to "discuss" at a church with your people there. What the fuck's wrong with you? Come on BIG MOUTH! In the city. Time. Place. Weapon (your call). SERIOUS! FAGGOT. NO ONE CALLS ME OUT!!!

Dutchman: Oooooooo! Little Percy is really mad! Look you closet-case, I've told you where you can find me. If you don't like that, then you name a time and place.

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: You are going into an area that you know nothing about, and will highly regret. I am giving you fair warning..

At this point I decided to do a bit of homework. I did a Google search and found that he had gotten into another flame-war on a Facebook discussion page. So, just to see if this guy could see how wacked-out this was becoming, I copied one of his posts exactly and re-posted it as my response to him:

Dutchman: Perhaps you are okay with being called names. Probably used to it. However, I don't take from anyone as you shall discover, especially from a pisspot punk.

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: Okay enough talk Robert. I knoiw where you live. You will highly regret what you have said, no matter what else. Now, I want you to mee at the Pratt ave. pier, at the beach. I can easily drive down. Gotta be around sunset. You pick the night. COWARD.

Dutchman: Robert? Who's Robert?

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: We'll find you, COWARD. PUSSY. CUNT.

At this point he promptly blocked me. But not before sending off two more nut-notes:

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: PUNK Evanston Township??? Stupid pussy suburban asshole. I went to Lake View.

William Percy 'le' Surprenant: We'll send you out of bounds prick!

After that, he changed his profile to say that he was married, and put up a much more "dangerous" looking pic of himself!